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March 6th, 2005

09:01 pm - this document contains no data
Been off the past few days, and I've thrown out a lot of stuff. Oh yeah, mentally off. I don't have a job. I keep over-reacting to things. Some things make me sick to my stomach, literally. But most of the time I'm really hyper. I found old writing from a year ago: "I'm kind of unhappy but it's all total bullshit because I have distorted view of reality."

Before, when the computer was freezing all the time, we were going to send it in to some guy to fix it, which would mean deleting everything and starting over. I put everything on the hard drive into two CDs, music and other, and I was listening to the music one earlier and it had Church of Euthanasia songs on it. They sound like TV theme songs.

I'm not a member..Any group that demonizes the octopus isn't worth joining! But, I'm not really offended by anything on their website. Just bored. Fine, eat people. Whatever. I kind of like it, though, since VHEMT is like "the life of the planet and other organisms is more important than the human race" and the CoE is like "people are bad, let's get rid of them any way we can".I think CoE is just a negative population growth group, though. It appeals to the genocidal misanthropist in me, which really isn't an area of my brain that needs stimulating.

I'm going to switch screennames in a minute, because I want to delete tons of things online, just like throwing away my stuff. It's the same as a new e-mail address and unfortunately it's almost all consonants, because the address screename is too long for an LJ name. It's from the nonsense song in Modern Times, just because I was trying to come up with an address that made no sense, even though I'm off Chaplin. So, if vlzvsltaximeter adds you, add them back, please.

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March 3rd, 2005

01:09 pm
Listened to Saw, the movie, while I was falling asleep yesterday. It's so much like Cube. People are knocked out and taken to a room that they have to escape from, the conversation in the opening scene is just like the one in Cube, and in one room there's razor wire. Speaking of razor wire, I saw Audition. I liked it okay..I like how the guy dismisses all of the strange things Asami says and does, and while he wouldn't have come out of it so badly had it been another girl, he pays for it. And All About Lily Chou-Chou, since I was curious about it after reading one of dirtyblondish's posts. I think it's the most depressing movie I've ever seen. Except for one of the actors from BRII being in it and not playing an incredibly annoying character, which was cool. I finally found out that Chou-Chou is pronounced shoe-shoe. I was saying "All About Lily Chow-Chow or Chew-Chew" everytime someone asked what movies I'd rented. Other than that and Audition, Betty Blue.

I'm going someplace tomorrow but am not saying where because I want to go alone and not run into anyone else. But I probably won't write about it afterwards, because it's kind of lame. And I might just stay home because I'm tired and that's enough society for one week.

Bought a new dress. It looks..Hawiian. Yesterday I got my mother to drop me off at the HGTC library on her way to work, then returned the book and walked to my dad's apartment building since I'd called him earlier and he'd agreed to let me come over there while he was at work. He was still there, though, so I got a ride to the thrift store next to Food Lion and actually found clothes that fit me there, and a dress when most of their dresses are really ugly. Big, dyed weird colors and with shoulderpads. Then I got a ride back. Eh. I'm lazy.

Now I'm going to sweep the sunroom because the floor is covered in human and animal hair, and then go to sleep [or drink a bunch of caffienated stuff, and then go to sleep].

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February 27th, 2005

04:59 am
He's gone! Anyway, he left and didn't come back two days ago, or one of us blacked out, killed him, and hid the body before the others noticed. Eh, makes no difference.

Took DXM earlier. It was boring, except when it had just kicked in I felt like I was really small, scaled down to only a foot tall. Very Alice in Wonderland. But that only lasted a few minutes. I also didn't eat anything yesterday except for gross fast food french fries right after taking it, so I threw that up, which is for the best.

Staying at my dad's today. Walking places, or passing out as soon as I get there.

Because I'm lazy:
[B: I really like that Rachel's CD, cunt being unisex in Europe (although calling a guy by a female cuss word might be worse than using a male or unisex one), and might have to start calling people fucks..The novim.net girl used to call someone Brian the sick, sick fuck. What a strange coincidence! Do you still post on Fotolog, and what kind of dog do you have?]

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